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(LJ is down due to a DDOS attack. "The site is running normally for most users..." says the status page. Yeah. Right. I'll be over here.)

I've been working with Linux this past week, specifically Xubuntu and Damn Small Linux. Since I'm afraid, for now, of the partitioning phase of installation, so I've mostly worked with Xubuntu via a virtual machine in VirtualBox. I like it. Last night I picked up a copy of the Ubuntu Desktop Guide (for Hardy Heron) from the library. So far I'm not impressed by it, but enh, it's a library book. I can always return it and request a different one. There are plenty of online resources for Xubuntu, but I like to have a hard copy in my hands. I just discovered Wubi, which claims to allow me to install Xubuntu on a drive without partitioning. The Ubuntu book says it has slightly slower disk access, but it ought to be enough to get Xubuntu on Kurdnatta for me to play with it in a real, live environment.

Which brings me to Damn Small Linux. I resurrected Glenrowan last week and installed Linux Red Hat 6 (from "Red Hat Linux for Dummies", a book I bought some years ago). I still don't like Red Hat, and I think it doesn't like me much either. It flatly refused to start up my ethernet card, and I didn't even get to trying to configure the sound card. RH couldn't find its ethernet card with both hands and a flashlight. So I burned the DSL install (a 50 MB set of files) to a CD-ROM (a waste of space, but I had no other option, as though DSL can install from a USB drive, Glenrowan is old enough (and was originally a server, as far as I know) that it has no USB ports to speak of), booted with a DSL boot floppy, and was off to the races. DSL, by stark comparison, had absolutely no trouble with its ethernet card. There were two choices: use DHCP or don't. I wasn't sure, so I chose one. It didn't work, so I chose the other. Voila. The old box is on the net. Go Glenrowan! Once I get the sound card issues fixed, I'll probably use that box as a music server. I like to listen to things like RadioIO (though Linux seems to dislike it at the moment - Xubuntu did strange things when I tried to run it last night in the VM),, and Only the last one works consistently on Linux to my experimentations thus far. I needed to consult the forums for help on making my sound work in Xubuntu - turns out the main channel is muted by default, though it says it's at 80%. Glenrowan's sound card is a mystery at the moment. I'm planning to open him up today or tomorrow to take a look at the card, make sure it's seated and connected properly, blah, blah. And probably wind up pounding the Linux forums for help in finding a configuration/detection application to find the bloody thing. *hands Glenrowan a flashlight*

I've also started doing some art recently. I painted one of the tomatoes brought in from the garden, and have done some work in my art journal. It feels good.


Jun. 22nd, 2009 06:23 pm
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Yay [community profile] inconformista! I'm sporting [personal profile] carisma_sensei's Tabula Rasa tweak and it's nice and green and glassy.
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I know DreamWidth's brand new, but I'm put off by the lack of styles available. I know how to write CSS, but knowing the container names (that might not be the right term) is a pain. I've seen a few customised layouts, like [personal profile] isis', which looks to be a simple colour change and careful application of an image as background to certain containers.

I aspire to have the patience to figure out how to do that.


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